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"Condurre" is an Italian verb, which means "to lead". Through our own websites and the services we provide, that is what we do...we lead. Once we put our effort behind something, we will do it better than anyone else. We build sites that provide unique value, and we develop long lasting relationships with our clients, partners, and advertisers.

Founded in 2008, our primary focus is to innovate and provide comprehensive information to users via our portfolio of over 1,500 domains. The first step to a good website is a good domain, and for over 10 years we have acquired plenty that set the foundation for a valuable website. But a domain is just the start, to provide a useful website takes a lot of time and effort developing technology, functionality, and content.

The first comprehensive website in our portfolio was AutoBuying101.com, a consumer guide to help users understand how to get the best deal on their auto purchase. Not only did we develop an extensive amount of information and advice on how to navigate through the auto buying process, we built industry leading tools to help consumers, such as: Checklists, Calculators, Research Interfaces, Dealer Select Price Quotes, and Nationwide Auto Inventory Search. Officially launched in June 2011, AutoBuying101.com has become one of the most useful automotive websites online.

Using the process we developed for the successful creation of AutoBuying101.com, we are actively building and launching websites in numerous other categories including: Automotive, Sports, Shopping, Travel, Music, and News/Information.

Located in one of the best places in the world to live and work, our headquarters are based in Carlsbad, California (just a few blocks off the ocean!).